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Botox improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles by temporarily reducing or eliminating the movement of selected muscles. For a standard treatment we recommend 40-50 units. This should be enough to prevent or soften facial lines in most patients. If you prefer a lighter treatment that maintains some facial movement but may not completely prevent or soften your lines we can use as little as 20 units between the areas shown below.

Picture showing standard botox treatments. Forehead 10 to 20 units, frown lines 10 to 20 units, crows feet 5 to 10 units.


Below are optional treatment areas. Excluding the neck, these areas just take a couple drops of Botox and are individualized to each client.

Image showing optional botox treatments


Below are very specialized options. Some migraine sufferers can have great success with Botox injected in key areas. If you clinch your teeth while sleeping you may benefit from Botox injected into your masseters and if you show a little more gum than you would like when you smile, then a couple units of Botox may drop your upper lip just enough to show nothing but teeth. In addition to what is shown below, we can treat excessive sweating of the hands and armpits.

Image showing even more botox options
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