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A Botox Party is an affordable, fun, safe and intimate way to get your Botox. Why go to a medical office and wait in line when you can have an experienced injector come to your home?

All that's required is a minimum of 5 guests and we drop the price to as low as $8 per unit. In addition, the host is rewarded with $20 in credit for each item purchased during the party!

When you book with us you get an experienced injector in your home for the duration of your party. We are glad to spend lots of time educating your guests about Botox and our other services in a "no-pressure"setting. If you have guests who are new to Botox or other cosmetics this is a great way for them to be introduced to the benefits of cosmetics.

Hosting a Botox Party?

Feel free to download our editable Botox Party Template!

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